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About Mana

Mana is ...

Providing hope to women around the world.

Mana is what happens when strong women with big ideas and bigger hearts come together.

COVID-19 has had a massive impact on many communities. Many women entrepreneurs in South Africa and in the United States have been left with dwindling customer bases and are fighting for their businesses, families and communities. We are coming together, with your help, to support these women and spread the love in these difficult times. A little bit of kindness goes a long way in healing our world.

Mana started as a brainchild of Michelle Klassen Merrigan and Anni Wilhelmi, after they realized how much of an impact COVID-19 was having on their communities. Anni, in Cape Town, South Africa, and Michelle, in Detroit, Michigan, knew they had to do something. After the Mana Kickstarter was successfully funded in under 36 hours, Michelle and Anni knew Mana really could make a difference.

By supporting our mission, you are choosing to sponsor a local artisan in need of financial stability. These amazing women craft intricate products and pour themselves into their livelihoods. When you purchase a Mana subscription, you are empowering a woman to grow her business, which benefits her family and community. It creates a far-reaching impact, far beyond the cost of a box.

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